What are Dome Shades made from?

Dome Shades frames are made out of acetate, an organic plant-based material. Most premium and prescription eyewear global brands use acetate, as does Dome Shades, due to its flexibility, strength, resistance to shattering, and natural feel. Our lenses are made from CR-39, a super strong shatter-resistant material with very high acuity (eyewear-speak for how clear a material is). Our polarized lenses are made by Carl Zeiss, a brand well known  for making the world's finest eyewear and microscope lenses.

What are the measurements for Dome Shades?

The total width is 151mm. The lens width is 58mm and the nose width is 19mm. Our sunglasses are built to fit average to very large face sizes.

I'm not sure if Dome Shades will fit me. Can you help?

If you aren't sure whether you have an average or above-average face size, we offer free shipping and free returns. We want to make sure you find a pair of shades that fit!